Details You Don’t Want To Forget On Your Wedding Day

Detail shots are some of the most important parts of your wedding day! They are highlights into some of the most important moments in your life, and they are great reminders of the hard work you and your partner put into planning the moment you say ‘I do.’

In order to capture these special parts of your big day, I always recommend the bride and groom each grab an empty box and put the following items in said box so that it can be ready for the photographer on your wedding day.

Florals - Buds & Stems

In order to tie the detail photos in with the theme of your wedding day, it’s great to have a few buds and stems from the florals that will be used in the bride’s bouquet. I always recommend asking the florist to set aside a few flowers for the photographer to use during detail shots. I also suggest having the florist arrive while the bride is getting ready so that the detail shots can fall during the same time on each one of the vendor’s timelines.

Rings and Ring box

Obviously, the rings are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. When it comes to taking detail shots, it’s important to keep the engagement ring, and both wedding rings together in one place (preferably with the bride). Even though the groom (and/or best man) will need the wedding rings when the ceremony begins, photographers need the rings for detail shots before the ceremony begins. The bride usually arrives on site earlier than the groom so she can get ready, so leaving the rings with the bride gives the photographer plenty of time to get the ring shots they need. When we’re done with the rings, we’re usually more than happy to deliver the wedding rings to the groom before the ceremony.

Having a ring box can also be a nice touch for the detail shots, and an easy way to keep the rings safe and organized. If you don’t provide a ring box, your photographer might provide a sample ring box only for photos.

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite is a sweet reminder of the time, date, and location of where you got married, so it’s important to capture these in photos! Keeping a Save the Date, a RSVP card, a formal invitation, and an invitation envelope all in the box with the other details will make it easier for us to get the shots we need without asking around for this special piece.


A bride’s shoes are one of the most important details on her wedding day! The style and design of wedding day shoes can be just as intricate as the wedding dress, and so much personal preference goes into the wedding shoe decision. We want to capture the thought that went into these beautiful details. They may not fit in the same box with the other details, but keeping the shoe box near the details box will make it quick and easy for us to find them and get the photos we need.


In many weddings, the bride often has a special piece of jewelry. It could be something like her grandmother’s pearl earrings, a special necklace that her mother gave her as a gift, or simply the cutest bracelet you found online. Whatever it may be, if your jewelry is playing a part in your wedding day style, we definitely want to capture it in our detail photos.

Photographers understand the necessity of detail shots, and we want to make them as beautiful as the rest of your big day. In order to efficiently take these shots, it’s important that the bride and groom stay organized and keep track of these special heirlooms.

Planning a wedding is honestly an art. Making sure that everyone is on the same page at the same time is crucial for a successful wedding day. I always suggest hiring a wedding coordinator with lots of experience since they will provide all of the necessary information to vendors and keep everyone on track.

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