5 Free Engagement Photo Locations in Austin, TX

Choosing an engagement session location can be tough, especially in Austin! There are just so many spots to choose from and it can get overwhelming very quickly. Thankfully, most couples know what they prefer their photos to look like, and it basically comes down to locations that are more urban or are more in nature. While there are tons of locations that offer these styles, not all of them are free! So, here are five of my favorite engagement session locations that include greenery and urban styles and are totally FREE!

1. Brushy Creek Lake Park

Brushy Creek Lake Park is a public park with many photo ops on the northwest side of Austin. From photos that look like you’re out in a whimsical field of grass, all the way to a unique desert style look, you can truly find all kinds of options out there. It’s super cool how many different vibes you can get during your engagement session here!

2. Butler Park / The Long Center

Sometimes it’s not easy to pick an engagement session location that is more urban or more full of greenery. This is where I say, “Why not both?” Butler Park and The Long Center are located within walking distance to each other and really provide the best of both worlds! Parking can sometimes be tricky, but if you know the area well, there’s always an open spot somewhere!

3. Vista Brewing

For lots of people, being in front of the camera for an engagement session needs to be more of an experience than just a photoshoot. I totally get it – Having something to do besides just taking photos can definitely ease any nerves you might have. I’m also a huge advocate for having a drink before a photo session (if you want to, of course), and having an engagement session at a brewery allows you to have a drink during your engagement session! With it’s super large property full of greenery and nature, as well as great beer, Vista Brewing Co. is a great place to really relax and enjoy yourself while also getting gorgeous photos.

4. Downtown Parking Garage(s)

When you aren’t wanting the typical engagement session in a park or around a lot of greenery, and you want to go for a more urban, modern look, I love recommending a photoshoot in a downtown parking garage! There is nothing but tall buildings in the background, so you and your partner will always be the focus of attention and pop out of the photo. I have a couple of go-to parking garages for photoshoots, but I’m not going to share them here as they can be a little restricted. Let me know if this is your style and I’ll be happy to set it up!

5. Lou Neff Point

Lou Neff Point is such a beautiful spot with so much to offer – It has greenery, water, and the downtown city skyline all in one! Not only is this particular location great for photos, there are also lots of photo ops along the way to get to this spot. The trail to get to Lou Neff is a running/walking trail full of trees along the way (and it doesn’t have to be a super long walk). There are also bridges, benches, and the river bends along the trail. You might be the only couple out there in dress clothes, but it’s totally worth it for the engagement photos!

Austin provides such a great variety of options when it comes to photo shoot locations. If none of these are what you have in mind, let me know! Send me a message and tell me what your style is, and I’ll be happy to help you find the perfect Austin location for your engagement session!

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